For our clients who desire the utmost privacy, we offer Exclusive Wellness immersions that are tailored to suit the individual's lifestyle. Nurture yourself into a balanced weekly practice, making you grow, evolve and inspire others.


You will learn about your body, mind and intuition, supporting your physical, mental and emotional health for years to come. You will practice yoga, meditation, change your diet and wind down with Ayurveda spa treatments. During this immersion, you will deepen your concentration, find your boundaries and expand them.

We support you with every step you take, and after each session, you will feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. We offer each client a complimentary consultation and tailor an immersion for your lifestyle.

The Ananda Resort Estate is set within the established grounds of the royal palace of Narendra Nagar in the Himalayan foothills. Your exclusive immersion includes seven nights in a superior private room overlooking the Ganges valley, where you can enjoy stunning views as you relax and unwind.

You will immerse yourself in daily yoga classes designed to improve your physical, mental and emotional health in addition to seven Ayurvedic spa treatments to reduce toxic build-up from day-to-day stress and lifestyle factors.

As your Instructor/Guru mentors you with daily lessons, the resort’s chefs will create a menu specifically tailored to you and your body type, cooking with fresh organic produce grown on-site.

An apartment

A pool


An exterior

Golf course

Swimming Pool

Countryside view


The retreat is structured to harmonise your diet, sleep, and yoga practice to allow you the opportunity to create lasting change to your lifestyle.

7-day package inclusions

  • 5 nights accommodation at the Ananda Resort Estate
  • Daily yoga to improve your overall health and wellbeing
  • 5 Ayurvedic spa treatments to reduce toxic build-up
  • Private helicopter to Himalayan foothills for 2 nights glamping & trekking
  • Personal driver for the duration of your stay
  • All meals
  • Visit the Beatles Ashram

Price 10,000 USD for a single person or 17,000 USD per couple.

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