Are you a yoga teacher dreaming of hosting a retreat?

Come with us to host an authentic yoga retreat, a journey through remote destinations, a journey to the Self.

We are a dynamic team of yoga teachers and travel experts with one thing in common: a passion for sharing the traditional knowledge of yoga in exotic and authentic locations around the globe.

We look forward to helping you build the perfect yoga retreat for you and your students.

Your very own retreat manager, an exotic location and a pre‑designed retreat package that we tailor to suit your desires.

  • 1

    Connect with one of our yoga/travel experts & apply to become a host at createspace.yoga/host-retreat

  • 2

    Gather a group of 20 - 45 students

  • 3

    Collaborate with our team to successfully host an international retreat in your desired location

  • 4

    Upon completion, receive your host profit

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Benefits of Hosting a Retreat with Create Space Yoga

Create community

Retreats help to create and build a strong studio community by offering students an opportunity to develop their practice and student-teacher relationships.

Profit to You

On the last day of your retreat, we transfer your business profit.

Free retreat for host

The host receives their retreat free of charge.

Stand out from Competition

Retreats encourage new students to visit the studio and create momentum for old students to practice, helping to strengthen your yoga community and student retention rates.

Build your Brand

When you partner with Create Space Yoga your studio will be featured across our resources and social media pages. In real-time, you will be generating new followers and students who are excited and curious to hear more about you, you teachings, and future retreat offerings.

Supporting Communities

We donate 20 USD from every student to The Village Project- our non-profit organisation that supports underprivileged women and children in Northern India.

Not only will you be investing in a life-changing experience for yourself, your business and your students, but each participant will also be supporting the health, education, and wellbeing of women and children in these communities.