The Village Project

Our Mission:

  • Supporting underprivileged communities in rural areas
  • Creating employment
  • To give every child the gift of education
  • Connecting communities


Hi, Taran Jenkins here. Founder and director of Creating Space Yoga Retreats and Kids Creating Space. I am reaching out to other passionate individuals like you, to step up and get involved in a life-changing project.

My dream is to improve the lives of many village men, women and children. We aim to help the local people who have been living on this land for over 60,000 years and encourage those who have left due to harsh living conditions, to return. These lands are some of the most organic areas on this planet, clean air, fresh water and a view that will captivate you for years.

Our Story

In 2015 my friend and I were trekking in North India when we happened to stumble upon a very remote Village in the foothills of the Himalayas. The villagers welcomed us warmly with a tasty home cooked meal and a freshly brewed chai. We decided to extend our stay and learn about local people and their culture. After two weeks of camping and exploring the village we felt deeply connected to these beautiful people and the land. I soon realised going on with ‘life as usual’ wasn’t an option, we felt inspired to make this remote area one of our retreat locations and connect communities from all over the world.

After many beautiful trips to this area, I noticed the beauty is equally met with many harsh realities a large population of India face living in a village. They face challenges such as lack of self-sufficiency, education, and employment opportunities. This is creating havoc in the lives of the people, leading to problems such as drug/alcohol abuse, violence, depression and so on. I aim to improve the lively hood of these beautiful people and keep their strong culture alive.

Mom and child


Children at the Village

Stage One

The first stage of the project is to purchase land in the Village and support the family who I stayed many times during my visits to the area. I was given the bedroom of a beautiful 16-year-old girl named Himanshi. I later discover covered the harsh reality of this young girls life and felt passionate about her future.


During 2017 & 2018 the first funds donated supported Himanshi to study and live in a nearby town from her Village. She has undertaken a course in English, computers and is now training in Hotel management in Rishikesh. The donations have not only supported her but her entire family, every month a payment is sent to the village to buy food for her four sisters, mother and father. From our Himalayan Retreat guests in April 2018 the money donated went to installing 3 working taps into their home to save the children from carrying 20kgs of water daily.

Stage Two

I would like to build a small supportive community space on this land and offer employment and educational opportunities. Sewing machines, materials and training will be provided/donated, and villagers can learn how to make textile goods. Creating Space Yoga Retreats will purchase the garments manufactured in the village for our retreat gift packs, aiming to tackle issues like consumerism, pollution, child labour and waste.

Stage Three

Volunteering is one way YOU can make a difference in the world. During February, March, April, September, October and November we are inviting volunteers to register with us and travel on a short-term visit to the village project and volunteer their skills to the local people. Minimum stay of two weeks and maximum length of stay permitted is three months.


The placement of the volunteer depends on different needs and available positions.


  • Teaching
  • Nutrition and healthcare
  • Women’s education
  • Farming


If you would like more information or the opportunity to volunteer for The Village Project, please get in touch with us at jazmine@createspace.yoga. Please include why you would like to the opportunity to volunteer with The Village Project and what skills you have to exchange. If successful you will then move onto the next step in the application process.

AUD$ 15000

AUD$ 35000

AUD$ 50000

Sponsors & Fundraising

Creating Space Yoga Retreats is the first official sponsor. From 2018 onwards, 25 AUD of every person booked on any retreat will go directly towards this project. We are looking for passionate people to help organise fundraisers and promote this project. If you would like to be get involved, please get in touch.