The Village Project

Our Mission:

  • Supporting underprivileged communities in rural areas
  • Creating employment
  • To give every child the gift of education
  • Connecting communities


Hi, Taran Jenkins here. Directing Manager of Creating Space Yoga Retreats and Kids Creating Space. I am reaching out to other passionate individuals like you, to step up and get involved in a life-changing project.

My dream is to improve the lives of many village men, women and children. We aim to help the local people who have been living on this land for over 60,000 years and encourage those who have left due to harsh living conditions to return. These lands are some of the most organic areas on this planet, clean air, fresh water and a view that will captivate you for years.

Our Story

In 2015 my friend and I were trekking in North India when we happened to stumble upon a very remote village in the foothills of the Himalayas. The villagers welcomed us warmly with a tasty home-cooked meal and a freshly brewed chai. We decided to extend our stay and learn about local people and their culture. After two weeks of camping and exploring the village, we felt deeply connected to these beautiful people and the land. I soon realised going on with ‘life as usual’ wasn’t an option. We felt inspired to make this remote area one of our retreat locations and connect communities from all over the world.

After many beautiful trips to this area, I noticed the beauty is equally met with many harsh realities a large population of India face living in a village. They face challenges such as lack of self-sufficiency, education, and employment opportunities. This is creating havoc in the lives of the people, leading to problems such as drug/alcohol abuse, violence, depression. I aim to improve the livelihood of these beautiful people and keep their strong culture alive.

Mom and child

Children at the Village

Children at the Village

Stage One


  • Developing awareness of the main issues remotes communities below the poverty line.
  • Set up safe, educational opportunities for children transitioning from high school to further studies.
  • Support the families of the young individuals we are sponsoring to ensure the young women and men can grow and evolve without financial burdens.

Stage Two

Employment opportunities

  • Empower the young women and men to make choices about the path they would like to pursue.
  • Upskill these individuals with the resources and connections they require to fulfil their career paths.
  • Connect those passionate about CSYR with opportunities and training to move into junior roles within the company.

Stage Three

Connecting communities

  • Set up a volunteering program to bring skilled professionals to the village to assist with education, nutrition and healthcare.
  • Build a community space within the village to create an educational and employment hub for those living below the poverty line in remote communities.
  • Sustain the historic beauty and culture of these remote communities, while alleviating the harsh realities the villagers are confronted with each new day.


If you would like more information or the opportunity to volunteer for The Village Project, please get in touch with us at info@createspace.yoga.

AUD$ 15000

AUD$ 35000

AUD$ 50000

Meet the current
sponsored Garhwal Villagers



Sponsors & Fundraising

Create Space Yoga is the official sponsor for the project. 20 USD from every retreat student goes directly towards this project. If you would like to become a sponsor, organise a fundraiser or promote this project, please get in touch.