Taran Jenkins

The dedicated yoga teacher. The founder.

After several years of travelling and practising yoga around the world, Taran began to realise the importance of creating space in one's life for new adventures and self-discovery.

In 2014, Taran opened the doors to Creating Space Yoga Retreats and her first yoga retreat in north India; unsure if anyone would be interested in such an experience. Six months later, she led a group of 20 incredible people to the Himalayas for this, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

9 years later we are a team of nine passionate people who not only host unforgettable yoga retreats, but we also design the perfect package for inspiring studios around the globe. For our clients who desire the utmost privacy, we offer an Exclusive Wellness Immersion that is personalised to suit the individual.

We believe every child, women or man deserves the gift of an education, health care and the dare to dream. So each aspect of our brand has been carefully designed in order to support our non-for-profit organisation The Village Project in the Himalayas.


Creating Space Yoga Retreats consists of a dynamic team with one thing in common - a passion for sharing the traditional knowledge of yoga and wellbeing, so yourself and many others can benefit. It is our pleasure to take you on a journey through your chosen destination and most importantly a journey to the self.